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A Blueprint for Forays into Emerging Markets Uncategorized 

A Blueprint for Forays into Emerging Markets

Bottom Line: Analysts often discourage risky expansions into developing markets, but three distinct strategies have been associated with success. Emerging markets have become a vital and competitive sector of the global economy in recent years, increasingly exploited by companies through either organic expansion or joint ventures. Yet conventional wisdom holds that developing markets still represent a risky bet, and that firms should wait for ideal conditions — in both their corporate setup and the sociopolitical evolution of the local market — before taking the plunge. Indeed, in one recent report,…

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How to Write a Compelling Business Proposal Enterprenuership Financial Planning Strategy 

How to Write a Compelling Business Proposal

In order to get stakeholders or management to approve your project, you will need to build a business case to demonstrate why the project is needed and what the benefits of the project will be when it is finished. The reasons and benefits of your project may seem perfectly obvious to you and others who are intimately involved with it, but to stakeholders and other decision makers it may not be so obvious. A well prepared business case can help your project standout in the crowded field of everything that is…

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Project Management And The Art Of War PMP Project Management Strategy 

Project Management And The Art Of War

Sun Tzu’s “The Art of War” is known as one of the most respected treatises on military strategy in history. The manuscript was written around 475 -221 B.C.E. But the Art of War deals with more than just military strategy; it also addresses issues of leadership, management skills, decision making and team building, which the modern Project Manager would do well to study. In this article I will present the teachings of this great military tactician and offer my interpretations as they pertain to the realm of project management. Sun Tzu:“The power…

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