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Are Your Business Processes Efficient? BPI Business Process Improvement Business Processes Process Improvement 

Are Your Business Processes Efficient?

A Process by definition is a series of interdependent steps or actions taken to achieve a particular end. To perform these interdependent actions the organization expends its limited and valuable resources. This is true within manufacturing, retail and even the service sector. Manufacturing a gear; selling fruits and vegetables in a supermarket or a call center solving a customer’s problem on the phone are all examples of processes. Each of these are a combination of related actions that generate VALUE for the end user (customer). Let’s talk more about ‘Value’…

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Recognizing Improvement Opportunities within Business Processes BPI Business Process Improvement Business Processes Process Improvement Strategy 

Recognizing Improvement Opportunities within Business Processes

Businesses by definition are incorporated to generate value for their stakeholders and maximize profits for their owners. However their ability to generate profits are predicated on both internal and market factors. External market forces, such as new competitor, advent of new technologies, changes in the prices of raw materials etc. are largely decided by factors out of the business’ control. What the business owners do control are the productivity and efficiency of the organizations internal business processes. Higher business process efficiency equates to a better utilization of the organizations limited…

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From Concept to Commercialization Business Processes Enterprenuership Financial Planning Strategy 

From Concept to Commercialization

 We hear so many stories about a college drop-outs starting a business in their parent’s garage and eventually transforming their ideas into a multi-billion dollar conglomerate. Although all of us entrepreneurs hope to be the next Bills Gates, Wall Street Journal says almost 3 out of 4 startups fail. There are many reasons for this statistic. I firmly attribute most of these failures to lack of thorough analysis of the concept and creating a solid business plans. So what is a motivated individual with ambitions of making it as an…

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