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Completed Projects



  • LOCATION: Richmond, USA (2013 – Present)
  • SERVICE: Analytics and Infrastructure Management (Collaboration/Knowledge Management)
  • SECTOR: Oil & Gas
  • DESCRIPTION: Re-architecture and lean out of the Clients SharePoint collaborative Platform.Backup and Disaster Recovery, Improved DB Management; Create standard policies and procedures.


Abdulla & Associates

  • LOCATION: Dubai UAE (On going)
  • SERVICE: Analytics and Information Management (Collaboration/Knowledge Management)
  • SECTOR: Construction
  • DESCRIPTION: Put in place IT Systems to enable the team  to collaborate and communicate efficiently. Created online access portal for on site staff to access documentation and drawings.




  • LOCATION: India, UAE
  • SERVICE: Sales Marketing and Branding 
  • SECTOR: Retail
  • DESCRIPTION: Manage the branding and marketing strategy for in the UAE. responsible for sales and distribution of product in Pune.

  • LOCATION: Dubai, UAE
  • SERVICE: Accelerated Product Development
  • SECTOR: Retail and Fashion
  • DESCRIPTION: Assisting customer bring a concept to market, that targets the high end gifting industry. Developed a road-map and strategy for the concept. Currently in the process of executing the developed project plan with  a project launch date in early 2017.

  • LOCATION: Sharjah UAE; 
  • SERVICE: Audits and Inspections
  • SECTOR: Manufactring and Construction
  • DESCRIPTION: Hired to audit, improve and execute improvements to the DMI IT infrastructure. We were able to identify 15 areas of improvement for the organization and implemented improvements at the lowest possible capital expenditure.


JTP  cyberex

  • LOCATION: Richmond, USA; Dubai UAE; Sydney Australia; Ahmadabad, India (2013- 2014)
  • SERVICE: Project Management
  • SECTOR: Construction
  • DESCRIPTION: Hired to manage and execute a $1.8 million UPS project. Responsible for managing a project with stakeholders located on 3 continents. Responsible for ontime completion of Design, Manufacturing, Logistics and Commissioning of the product


  • LOCATION: Abu Dhabi, UAE
  • SERVICE: Interim Leadership – Facility Audits
  • SECTOR: Facilities Management
  • DESCRIPTION: Audit policies and procedures; document areas of improvement within the Facilities Management Department at ADNEC. Develop and Deploy robust procedures to assure compliance with Internal Audit Requirement. Create documented procedures for the FM department

ICT      TRA Logo

  • LOCATION: Dubai UAE (Oct 2015)
  • SERVICE: Analytics and Information Management (Business Reporting)
  • SECTOR: Government
  • DESCRIPTION: Created Dashboards for the TRA Scholarship Allocation Program. Created Visual reports for display during management and other review meetings.


  • LOCATION: Dubai UAE (2014 – 2015)
  • SERVICE: Interim Leadership – Virtual CEO
  • SECTOR: Construction
  • DESCRIPTION: Strategy Development to Improve growth; Reorganization of Business Process; Streamlining of Operation; Improvement of Financial Reporting; 30% inc in YOY business with no additional resources. 25% improvement in process efficiency.  

CNC-logo (1)

  • LOCATION: Pune, India (Feb 2016)
  • SERVICE: Interim Leadership – Virtual CEO
  • SECTOR: Manufacturing
  • DESCRIPTION: Develop an expansion strategy  for a 25 yr old organization. Perform competitor analysis, finalize the target market and develop a go-to-market strategy with a vision to double revenues within 3 years. Execute proposed strategy to achieve stated results. 

Abdulla & Associates

  • LOCATION: Dubai, UAE (July – Sept 2014)
  • SERVICE: Analytics and Information Management (Business Reporting)
  • SECTOR: Construction
  • DESCRIPTION: Created Dashboards for Management Reporting. Installed KPI for project Success.Created Standardized Templates for Project Execution. Visual Management and Weekly Reporting structure established. 


  • LOCATION: Dubai, Sharjah, UAE (On going)
  • SERVICE: Process Improvement and Mapping
  • SECTOR: Industrial Trading
  • DESCRIPTION: Reorganization of the financial documents to better predict company performance. Cost allocation formulas being modified to create a better sales commission structure.