Do You Have What It Takes To Become a Project Manager?

The most successful project managers are those who can consistently deliver on time and within budget, with projects that match or exceed stakeholders’ expectations. As project managers, we have to maintain a view of the “big picture” and guide the project to success, whilst handling the day-to-day tasks, and dealing with any crises that may arise.

So the most obvious question to answer is what  qualities or skills must a Project Manager possess to succeed?


I have enumerated five qualities that I believe are essential for success.

ORGANIZATION AND TIME MANAGEMENT: There are numerous tasks in most projects that have to be completed, and it is crucial to stay on top and in control of everything at all times. Prioritizing work is a critical aspect of what a project manager has to do. Time management is more than just allocating a certain amount of time to certain jobs. You must be able to analyze what you are spending your time on and how important those tasks are to successfully completing the project.

COMMUNICATION SKILLS: Communication skills are one of the most crucial skills every project manager should have. You may possess other skills that will help make you a great project managers but these are useless if you cannot communicate well with your stakeholders and team members.It is extremely important to listen to your client and develop a plan to exceed their expectations. Successful project managers use emails, meetings, and reports to effectively communicate their ideas, get decisions made, and resolve problems.

CONFLICT MANAGEMENT SKILLS: Conflict management is tough and can be brutal, it is not enjoyable for anyone involved. People will always get into disagreements on projects, and this needs to be resolved. Conflict management is about understanding the disagreement, setting up meetings to discuss each side’s viewpoints and both sides agreeing to a solution that can allow the project to progress.

ENTHUSIASM AND SELF MOTIVATION: No one likes a leader who is negative.People want leaders who are enthusiastic with a can-do attitude. People tend to follow people with a positive attitude. Enthusiastic leaders are committed to their goals and express this through optimism. Good leaderships develops as someone expresses confidence and commitment to a project that others want to share this optimistic expectation. Enthusiasm is contagious.

PROBLEM SOLVING SKILLS: Companies seek project managers who can meet deadlines and stick to budgets, even when things do not go to plan. There will be times when problems and obstacles may arise that will require immediate attention and solutions. How a project manager handles these particular situations will determine their success and make them stand out from the rest

By no means is this list exhaustive. I would appreciate feedback from readers by enumerating other qualities/skills that you think are crucial for success.