Interim Leadership


Ozone Excellence Consulting provides experienced executive  interim leaders and supports them to ensure success as they temporarily take charge of your operations department. When our managers are appointed as interim operations managers, they harness their experience honed in a variety of settings: large batch, factory, primary sector, etc.

They act swiftly to correct negative points, such as quality problems, excessive costs and problems shifting to new technology. In particular, they determine whether the issue stems from a lack of communication or coordination and implement changes.


CEO                           workflow                                    Abstract concept vector illustration with business audit

VIRTUAL CEO                                                 PROCESS MAPPING                               FACILITY AUDITS




  • LOCATION: Abu Dhabi, UAE
  • SERVICE: Interim Leadership – Facility Audits
  • SECTOR: Facilities Management
  • DESCRIPTION: Audit policies and procedures; document areas of improvement within the Facilities Management Department at ADNEC. Develop and Deploy robust procedures to assure compliance with Internal Audit Requirement. Create documented procedures for the FM department




  • LOCATION: Dubai UAE (2014 – 2015)
  • SERVICE: Interim Leadership – Virtual CEO
  • SECTOR: Construction
  • DESCRIPTION: Strategy Development to Improve growth; Reorganization of Business Process; Streamlining of Operation; Improvement of Financial Reporting; 30% inc in YOY business with no additional resources. 25% improvement in process efficiency.  



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  • LOCATION: Pune, India (Feb 2016)
  • SERVICE: Interim Leadership – Virtual CEO
  • SECTOR: Manufacturing
  • DESCRIPTION: Develop an expansion strategy  for a 25 yr old organization. Perform competitor analysis, finalize the target market and develop a go-to-market strategy with a vision to double revenues within 3 years. Execute proposed strategy to achieve stated results.