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Project Team Selection and Communication – Rohit Ogale

One of the first tasks for a Project Manager after he is assigned a project is to select a team. This task if done properly will assure project success. I have enumerated some key points for any Project Manager to consider. […]

Project Management and the Art of War – Rohit Ogale

Sun Tzu’s “The Art of War” is known as one of the most respected treatises on military strategy in history. The manuscript was written around 475 -221 B.C.E. But the Art of War deals with more than just military strategy; it also addresses issues of leadership, management skills, decision making and team building, which the[…]

Six Strategies to Ensure Project Completion – Rohit Ogale

Critical to the success of any organization in today’s economy is its ability to seamlessly coordinate activities between all its departments. Additionally, each department is expected to produce more with fewer resources. Although it is imperative that improvements be made in every corner of the organization, this article discusses some strategies to improve the efficiency[…]

Do You Have What It Takes to Become a Project Manager? – Rohit Ogale

The most successful project managers are those who can consistently deliver on time and within budget, with projects that match or exceed stakeholders’ expectations. As project managers, we have to maintain a view of the “big picture” and guide the project to success, whilst handling the day-to-day tasks, and dealing with any crises that may arise. So[…]