Knowledge Management using SharePoint


Information Architecture Development

  • Designing information systems is critical for knowledge management. If done incorrectly, information silos and frustrated employees are created.
  •  Modeling your SharePoint Server based environment begins with analyzing your existing solutions and estimating the expected demand and targets for the deployment you are planning to set up.
  • After collecting some facts , you are ready to start the next step of designing a proposed architecture that will be able to sustain the expected demand.

Document Management

  • Finding accurate information can be an employees most time consuming task. Enterprise Content is diverse – both geographically and by type.
  • Efficient businesses make it simple for employees to find, discover and create content with tagging and workflow being an intuitive.
  • Relevant and reliable content allows businesses to solve problems faster, help customers more effectively and allows people to get on with what they do best.

Our solution helps you

  • Save Time
  • Improve Compliance
  • Improves Customer Service

SharePoint Upgrades and Migration

  • Upgrading SharePoint is the process of replacing your existing software with a newer version of the same product. (e.g. SP2003 to SP2007, SP2007 to SP2010, SP2010 to SP2013).
  • It is assumed that a SharePoint “upgrade” is as simple as installing the latest version of SharePoint on the server and then the content and documents will automatically port over.
  • This could not be further from the truth! There’s much more to “upgrading” SharePoint than simply installing some software on the server.

SharePoint Customization

  • Customization of SharePoint is an important part of a business’s corporate communications and brand strategy, ensuring consistency of look and feel across all platforms.
  • Customization usually involves the colors, fonts, logos and supporting graphics that make up a distinct look and feel of the site (website, intranet or extranet)
  • Customization SharePoint effectively is an important factor in driving user adoption for your site. This is key to successful SharePoint implementation.
  • Customization SharePoint is a specialized service. Our team of  experts can help extend SharePoint Portal to design both internal and external facing SharePoint sites.

SharePoint Integration

  • SharePoint can be integrated with Microsoft Exchange, InfoPath, Office and SQL Server Reporting Services. We have implemented many integration solutions that facilitate the sharing of data and functionality between systems across the enterprise and beyond – to customers, business partners and suppliers.